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 Randy W.  10/19/2017   Newport Beach, CA                                       I didn’t even think this was a necessary service.  I cleaned out the ducts the best I could.  Dryer still was not working that well.  So, we called a few and this place seemed to have the best customer service.  Two service guys showed up, very friendly and professional.  They told us exactly what they were going to do.  And they removed a lot more lint then I was able to.  Dryer works much better now.

 James H.  10/9/2017   Laguna Hills, CA                                         I recommend Dan and his crew without hesitation. His prices are reasonable and he worked within my budget, offering savings where he could. I needed a dryer vent hose replaced and reattached. My dryer is stacked on top of my washing machine in a tight space in my garage (used to house my water heater). It was not easy to get to the vent hose but that didn’t deter Dan. Rather than focus on the challenge he and his service tech found a way to safely access the back of the dryer. He had to do a bit of retrofitting but had all the parts on his truck rather than having to leave and come back. He kept me posted on his progress and discussed every step with me. The whole job was done in two hours. Dan was friendly, professional and determined. He has my business forever!

 Nancy C.  7/23/2017    Irvine, CA                                          Fantastic customer service-  I highly recommend this company, and Dan Moreno, to anyone needing a cleaning of your duct work.  The team was so professional and Dan took time and explained every step to us.  They showed up on time, and took care to cover furniture and also wore booties over their shoes to keep my home clean.  So polite and great to work with.  We will definitely be using them on our next cleaning and we will be sure to tell all our friends and neighbors too!  Thanks Dan for the terrific service!  Our house smells so clean now!!!

Ellen E.       1/25/2017   Irvine, CA                                           This family business delivers superior customer service. Dan was so knowledgeable, hard working, and willing to make sure that we were properly informed about dryer function, maintenance, and safety. He exceeded our high expectations, and helped us problem solve other issues contributing to our vents and functionality. If you want friendly, comprehensive and exemplary service, call Dan Marino. You won’t be disappointed!

 Christopher R.   3/2/2016     Costa Mesa, CA                        I have really bad allergies so I found these guys on-line back in September 2015. They came out and noticed my AC unit in the attic space was banged up, fixed it for free. Then I just called them to come out and clean the vents for my business a few days ago. They were able to make an appointment with me within 3 days. Great job, now I’m breathing clean air. I was breathing in all kinds of dirt from the remodel but now it’s dirt free. Thanks Dan.

  Rick W. Orange County, CA 5/13/2016                                  We found Dan to be very nice and his work top-notch. We were very pleased with their service and pricing. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to family and friends.

user_small_square  Jess M, Irvine CA 6/5/2012                                                    

These guys were so awesome!! They went above and beyond their call of duty, and helped me disassemble my dryer from youtube videos and fix a part while cleaning my air ducts! The had great discounts and they did a fabulous job! definitely recommended!

user_small_square Abby C, Tustin CA 9/4/2012Unknown-2

They were awesome!!! My dryer is finally working properly! Yay! 🙂 These guys were very knowledgable. We are arranging for them to come back soon and clean our air ducts for our a/c system. We will definitely recommend to our friends and family!!

user_small_square Miriam V, Irvine CA 6/3/2012      Unknown-2

American Air Duct Cleaning was an absolute great experience, my kids allergies kept acting up & got the cold very easily. I desperately needed a solution to get my home air ducts cleaned (its been a couple years) Even thought the entire process took a couple hours, its was well worth it! Thanks to american air duct cleaning, my two daughters allergies have since stopped acting up & that old rusty odor around my house is gone!, I can truly tell the difference in my indoor air quality now. Thank you american air duct cleaning.

 Javier C. Irvine CA 12/7/2014Unknown-2
I called many places around the area and this was by far the best price we found. Most places will have hidden charges depending on how long the duct is or how much stuff they have to get out. The price American Air Duct Cleaning gave us, to be honest,was the best and fair price considering they use powerful equipment and actually CLEAN your homes ventilation system. Thank you American Air Duct Cleaning and thanks for the future business cards! We will 100% use you again! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their Air Ducts Cleaned.!!

photo Kathleen Rowland, Irvine CAUnknown-3

Today American Duct Cleaning, Irvine, CA came out to clean our dryer duct. This is the type that snakes with a nasty right angle through the garage. Yikes, it was packed with paper Mache. The guys had to separate it in the middle to unpack it. They also put extra effort into sealing the duct in the utility room. As long as it took them (over two hours) they stuck with the quoted price. I’ll call them again.

user_small_square  A Google user


I was suffering really bad allergies from dust. So i had to shut off the air system in my house because the air ducts were extremely dirty with a thick layer of all kinds of dust particles from regular every day dirt. So I decided to call Dan Marino with American Air Duct Cleaning. He is a good communicator. After fixing on a time and discuss how many vents had to be cleaned out, he came in the same day on time to give a quote, agreed on a price, and got started.The whole process took a few hours, but I was amazed at how much dust had accumulated over 2 years. He took before and after shots with my digital camera and showed me the difference. It was just great to see that he got every bit of dust out of the duct. A+ for the job well done and the price. I Will use American Air Duct Cleaning again and recommend them to my friends.

 Barbara C. Tustin CA 4/20/2015Unknown-3

American Air Duct came out and cleaned out the vent system and all the vents. Also, did the dryer vent.I felt like it went well. They came out and did exactly what they said they would do. They noticed a lot of white dust in the system and asked if we had recently had some renovations done, because of the drywall dust he found, we did just have some stuff done. I at least know he was getting stuff out. 🙂 They said it would take 2 hours, ended taking about 3.5 hours; there was not extra charge for the time. They were professional, did the job and cleaned up after themselves.I highly recommend them to anyone!

60s David B. Newport Beach, CA /6/2015Unknown-2
Nice, pleasant company to deal with. I was given an estimate over the phone and set up for a date for service. Dan came out and walked me around and explained what he was going to do. He showed me the inside of my ductwork before and after the job was complete.
He cleaned my dryer vent and showed me all of the gray, clumpy stuff that came out of it.
A very knowledgeable young man and extremely polite and personable. I am very pleased that I read the reviews and chose this company. It has been a pleasure from beginning to end. I will use this company again and will recommend them.

user_small_square Betty J Gilliland, Mission Viejo CA, 01/15/2015

“Dan was very courteous and did a great job”–put the furniture,etc. back when he was done.Ran the vacuum cleaner to make sure it was completely clean. I’ve already referred him to my next-door neighbor.”

user_small_square David R. Deleon, Laguna Hills CA 01/05/20015testimonials

Overall service was very good. Techs laid down plastic, protected our property, and cleaned up after themselves.

user_small_square Ameet S. Irvine CA  2/11/2015Unknown-2
Dan was simply great !!! We had an issue with dryer duct where a new samsung dryer was not heating up. They cleaned the full duct, but on finding that the dryer was still having issues, came back immediately to analyze the situation again and gave the issue sufficient thought and time as the issue was complex. Finally the issue was found in the duct pipe and was fixed by them at no extra cost. Also, they provide pictures of all their findings and also help explain the same as to what could have caused it and how to avoid it in the future. This proved to be very helpful and efficient.

Also being a first time home buyer, Dan explained how the air vents can get dirty and clogged with dust, spiders etc. They helped carry out the full cleaning of all air vents and dryer duct at a very reasonable rate and the final results were excellent. The home now feels so much more clean and fresh. We are so glad to have this done.

We would definitely have Dan over next year for the yearly duct cleaning service and highly recommend American Air Duct Cleaning as they are simply great at what they do.

user_small_square Louis J, Cathedral City CA 8/18/2014Unknown-2
I’ve had my air ducts cleaned out by this company, “American duct cleaning”
They are actually quite nice people, and price wise is very good.

Never thought I would find it necessary to clean out my ducts.
However, after seeing all the dust they cleaned out from my vents, I was shocked how much of this stuff i was breathing.

Im very happy with the great price they got me, and would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to check their ducts.

You can prevent asthma and all sorts of diseases. :/

user_small_square Janis M, Rancho Mirage CA 10/30/2014Unknown-2
Saul, the owner, showed up right on time. It took almost four hours for him and his assistant to totally clean all the ducts, furnaces and returns and to replace the filters. We have three dogs and a cat, so one can only imagine how clogged the ducts were. They were totally professional and exact. I shall use them on a yearly basis, and do not hesitate to recommend them. Great company. Good guys!

photo-2 Victor Tanious, Laguna Niguel CA Unknown-3

Very Good. Came on time and did a very good job.

user_small_squareDonna A. BeckhamUnknown-3

Best guys in the biz; Affordable; professional;Big time saved our butts.

Tim Karl Tim Karl Unknown-3

Best experience ever.Team of American Air Duct Cleaning were A+++ at service, quality of work and clean up.They were timely in every way and extremely reasonable.They fixed a tough heating issue for us and we are so happy with them!

Catalina T Catalina T. Los Angeles CAUnknown-2

American Air Duct Cleaning is amazing! I was having serious allergies and I had no idea why until my friend suggested that it might be my air duct at home. She recommended that I used American Air Duct Cleaning so I went ahead and listened to her and I could have not made a better choice! I called the next day to find out more information since I have never used a service like this before and the guy I talked to was so nice! They had great customer service due to the fact that they answered all of my questions and helped me understand what might be going on inside my air duct more. I made an appointment for them to come in a couple of days later and I was really excited that my allergies might get better.
The technician arrived to my house right on time and was nice in explaining exactly what he was going to do. He was efficient in time and hard working which made me happy because I had somewhere to be at a certain time. When he was finished, he showed me the amount of dust that was inside my air duct. I could not believe that I was breathing this. It was really nasty and instantly felt better that all of this pollution was gone. A couple of days have passed and my allergies have gotten so much better! I feel like I am breathing so much better and I am really happy I called American Air Duct Cleaning.
I recommend everyone to use this company not only for their great customer service but also because they will help you have a cleaner and less polluted home. Thank you!!!

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